Great response for Talladega Drive

We’re both humbled and proud over the great response we’ve gotten for Finding Muzyamba’s latest single Talladega Drive.

Not only have TIDAL announced him as the new Tidal Rising in Scandinavia, but we’ve also received some great listings on both Spotify and Apple Music!

  • «Best New Music» (Apple Music)
  • «Savage» (Spotify)
  • «New Music Friday Norway» (Spotify)
  • «Norway Viral 50» (Spotify)
  • «Fresh Hip Hop & RnB» (Spotify)
  • «Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji» (Spotify)
  • «New Music Friday Iceland» (Spotify)


Thank you guys so much for your support! This is only the beginning of the Nocturnal XX project and we have some amazing tracks in store for you – so stay tuned!